THIS is why you need a gun at present when driving!

Note this video, lifted from social media, where a young activist thug (with a ****-eating grin) demonstrates to other activists thugs how to break vehicle windows and drag people out of their cars.  She claims it's to "defend yourself" by stopping vehicular assault, but anyone with half a working brain cell realizes that's just a politically correct fig leaf.  If these activists thugs weren't terrorizing motorists, there'd be no need for them to "defend themselves".  Why not just get out of the street, and out of the way?

The emergency window breaker to which she refers is freely available, at low cost.  Rioters can equip themselves with one very affordably.

If you aren't sure why they want to break vehicle's windows and cut the driver's seat belt, consider these videos.

If protesters attack you when you're inside your vehicle, expect them to try to break your windows and drag you out.  Be prepared to stop them - the hard way, if necessary, by firing on them if they won't back off.

That's the current reality on many of our city streets.  Be forewarned, and be forearmed.